Graph API "ownedDevices" endpoint returns old/deleted devices

Stephen O'Brien 1 Reputation point

As I understand it, the{USER_ID}/ownedDevices API should return a list of devices owned by the user specified by the {USER_ID}. However, this endpoint returns a list of devices that includes devices which have been deleted or retired. These devices are not visible or accessible (as far as I can see) in the Endpoint Management console. Is there any way, using the Graph APIs, to get a list of active, not deleted or retired devices for a user?

Note - the "deletedDateTime" parameter for all devices is "null". If this was populated, I could at least use that to filter the devices. I'm not sure why this parameter has no value - if I can't see the devices in the Endpoint Portal, they must be deleted?

Microsoft Graph Users API
Microsoft Graph Users API
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