Windows 10 RDP not working using Microsoft account (local accounts are working)

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So my problem is that my PC started its life as a Home license. Now that I have upgraded to Professional (in order to use RDP among other features), I am having issues with getting onto my PC by RDP using my profile's microsoft account. I did go into system properties and enable RDP sessions for the desktop I am trying to remote to.

I have a laptop signed in using the same microsoft account at home. I am using VPN tunnel to my office to get to the network. Once on the network, I enter my desktop.IP:port and would expect since I am logged in with the same microsoft account that it would sign me directly in. Instead, it says my password / credentials are not correct. It calls my username out as "MicrosoftAccount\user@Company portal .com", which makes sense, but the password I use to log in does not work through RDP. It works directly from in front of the problem desktop, it works directly on the laptop at home, and it works in a web browser to see my microsoft account, which shows me both my problem desktop and my laptop, confirming that I'm using the same microsoft account and not a case of personal vs work/school account separation. Not really sure where to go here. I've tried removing the microsoft account and adding it back.

I'd love to not have to copy all my profile data off the PC, reset it and start from the beginning, so please tell me there's a hidden registry bit switch somewhere that dumps associations to microsoft accounts permanently as if starting from a clean slate -- OR any equivalent thereof that is less work than a reset of the PC. I don't know that a reset while keeping my files would do the trick in this instance anyway since the issue is likely somewhere in the profile's hidden files.

[EDIT] - Turns out that any local user account will work via RDP, as does a separate 365 business standard account to sign in (not a permanent option btw). It is only the main profile I'm trying to RDP into, associated with my microsoft account, is the one that is balking at me. Interesting that a completely unassociated 365 business std account gets me to the login page as if I were sitting at the login screen personally... assuming that's part of the new Azure cloud rollout progressing its course.

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    It turns out I have a case of the ol' Windows Hello gotcha trick. Been using the PIN login for quite some time and recently had to change my microsoft password online because I couldn't remember it to get signed into the new laptop. The desktop never blinked, kept on letting me in with the PIN. I've never logged into the desktop since the password change using the new password.

    I will try that and report later once I have a chance to test with the laptop at home. Thanks.

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    This is what worked for my situation.

    It WAS the ol Windows Hello gotcha again. Once I logged in to the local PC using my updated Microsoft account password, the RDP works beautifully like it should. Go figure.

    Thanks very much for the assist on this! Saved me a few hours of work and someone else a few bucks.

    [EDIT] modified the summary description to more accurately match the issue, previously titled "Win 10 pro home upgrade to pro, need to update personal microsoft account to work/school account."

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