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I am using SharePoint framework webpart and the default port for workbench is 4321, for another webpart developing the port is reserved and the workbench page is cant reach, I changed the port to 4322 for example, but how we can unreserved the default port?

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    Hi @g h ,

    The port for SPFX WebPart is denified in config->serve.json, you can change to the default port there:

      "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/core-build/serve.schema.json",  
      "port": 4321,  
      "https": true,  
      "initialPage": "https://localhost:5432/workbench",  
      "api": {  
        "port": 5432,  
        "entryPath": "node_modules/@microsoft/sp-webpart-workbench/lib/api/"  


    Best Regards

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