Making HTTP GET request with Body

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Casper Rubæk 231 Reputation points

I have a requirement to make a HTTP GET request with an included Body content since it is used as search parameters.
However it seems that both Azure Logic Apps and Azure Data Factory can't solve this.

Is there an alternative solution other than doing it manually with a Function App?

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  1. answered 2021-04-26T21:21:35.037+00:00
    Kasper Ulvedal 11 Reputation points

    Calling HTTP GET with a request body can be done using either Azure Data Factory or Azure Logic Apps.

    In Data Factory you can setup a copy activity using a Rest API as source. Set the request method to GET and fill in Request body:


    Logic Apps allows you to use a HTTP request. Set method to GET and fill in the body.


  2. answered 2022-05-18T16:17:06.59+00:00
    Rupesh Gupta 1 Reputation point

    Mentioned solution for Azure Data Factory doesnt seem to be possible. I tried to used GET method as source in Copy Activity but i cant see request body.

    Please let me know if it is possible to pass x-www-form-urlencoded data to API using GET method with the help of ADF Web Activity??

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