Datatable Filling Query

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I have a database with some columns
The first column contains the student's name
The second column contains the student's assessment or rate
The third column contains the test number for students

Student evaluation is as follows:
My number is 0-10
Or my string : # - not

A query is required to fill out the datatable and bite into the DataGrid View, where the Access database is as follows:

Note: The same students take exams in the form of a first ' t1', second' t2', third, etc.
Show the required students in DataGrid view, where the following is:
Every student has his data.
Each student is adjusted according to the test number. If a student takes an assessment, the student's grade appears. If nothing is taken, the student's name below the test number skips the student.

If a student takes a 'not' text assessment, on one test number and another 'not' test number, then the student skips each test for the same assessment, as the number of tests is not specified.
If a student takes a 'not' assessment and another test with the same student's name, Nothing, the student appears on the tests

An image of the database


The desired result after filling in the datatable

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