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We are sending data from a smartwatch -> IoT Central -> Event Hubs -> Data Explorer -> Blob Storage.

We are then using the blob storage as a datastore in Machine Learning, which we make a dataset of.

We deployed a model we trained locally to Azure Machine Learning.

We now want to send new data from the watch to the model to make predictions on.

We are wondering how we can do this?

Do we just update the dataset the same way we are currently sending the data? and if so, how can we then auto send it to the model?

Or is there another way to send this new data? Can we still send through blob storage? Or should we send the data directly from the watch to the webservice made by the model?

Thanks so much!

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Azure Machine Learning
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Azure Blob Storage
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Azure IoT Central
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    Sander van de Velde 15,141 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Hello @yjay ,

    so you get new data from devices and you want to predict using that data?

    Check out Azure Stream Analytics which can ingest messages from the Event Hub.

    Then, you can Azure ML as a function on make decisions based on the incoming data using ML.


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