What are the PORTS need to open in Zscalar Firewall to connect Azure SQL from Power BI Desktop Apps

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Hi Every one,
Recently in our organization, Zscalar configured to user machines. we have users , they use Power BI Desktop application to connect Azure SQL Server

Since then ZScalar configured, user facing issue to connect azure SQL Server. Support team tried to kill the zscalar process from task manager , after that it start connecting. But it seems this is temporary solution.

System team asking for ports, servers, DNS URLS etc. so that they can put in the exception for the policy to allow.

As per my understanding, I need to provide source ,destination and ports
source will be user machine IP
Destination will be Azure SQL Server IP (name)
Ports TCP port 1433

Before handover information to system team, I just want to make sure, is above details are correct or I need to provide some details. some more ports etc. Please advise

Azure SQL Database
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    Alberto Morillo 24,631 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    It is correct that TCP port 1433 needs to be opened. However, you cannot rely on the current IP address of the Azure SQL Server. The IP address of your logical server is not static and is subject to change at any time. All connections should be made using the fully qualified DNS name (FQDN) rather than the IP address. Please refer to this documentation.

    On Azure SQL Database logical server (or at the database level) add the IP of the computer to the whitelist of Azure SQL firewall.

    You may also consider creating a private link as explained here.

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