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To code below, what should DoCmd be declared?

Dim StrSQL As String
Dim InDate As Date
Dim DatDiff As Integer

InDate = Me.FromDateTxt

StrSQL = "INSERT INTO Test (Start_Date) VALUES ('" & InDate & "' );"

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

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Access Development
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  2. Peter_1985 2,466 Reputation points

    Is there complete example to open Access table, clear details of table, in VBA?

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  3. DBG 2,311 Reputation points

    Hi. DoCmd is an Application object. You don't declare it, like you would a variable. You just use it.

    When you say "clear details of table," are you talking about deleting all the records?

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  4. Peter_1985 2,466 Reputation points

    I've got following error,
    due to For Each line below. Please help

    Public Function TblExists(ByVal strTableName As String) As Boolean
    Dim tblN As Object
    TblExists = False
    For Each tblN In Adb.TableDefs
    If tblN.Name = strTableName Then
    TblExists = True
    Exit For
    End If
    Next tblN
    End Function

    Dim Adb As Object: Set Adb = CreateObject("Access.Application")  
    Call Adb.OpenCurrentDatabase(F1)  
    Adb.Visible = False  
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  5. DBG 2,311 Reputation points

    Try replacing this line,

    For Each tblN In Adb.TableDefs

    With these ones:

    Dim db As DAO.CurrentDb
    Set db=CurrentDb()
    For Each tblN In db.TableDefs

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