Function Cosmos DB Input Binding on New UI

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I have been working on some azure function apps that have cosmosdb input bindings. Ever since I switched to the new UI, I have been having the following issue.

It seems the new UI adds the field "id":"" to the function.json file and if you do not have an id specified there is a binding error (Can't bind CosmosDB to type 'System.String'.). In my case, I want to retrieve a set of items using ONLY the sqlquery, and to do so, it seems I have to remove the "id":"" line from function.json. However, many times, even after removing that from function.json using Kudu, it reappears on its own and my function app continues to error. Is the new UI adding that into the file erroneously? Is editing function.json not the proper way to remove those empty parameters?

Thank you!

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