Create a item in list where i don't have acces with Power Automate

Jossué Besson 21 Reputation points

Hello, i am creating a intranet for my company with SharePoint, and i need to create a buton with a checkbox to force user to accept the settlement of the company and list them to a sharepointlist. I realized that with powerapps and power automate and all worked with my account, we tried today on a new salarie to test the application but that didn't work because i had a 403 error on the creating item in flow.

My question is, is it possible for a user who don't have permission on list to create a item in a list with a automate, we don't wan't that any user can create a item in the list. We wan't that only click on that button can create a item.

Thank you

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  1. Jerry Xu-MSFT 7,916 Reputation points

    Hi, @Jossué Besson ,

    As I am not an expert on Power Automate, so all the results will mention below are based on my tests.

    Is it possible for a user who don't have permission on list to create a item in a list with a automate?

    Yes. It is possible. I tested with a structure like this. An admin created the flow using its own account connection. User Alex has edit permission in List A (Read permission does not allow Alex to start a manual flow. ) , and read permission in List B. Things will vary depends on the trigger you use. It seems you are using triggers like "For a Selected Item". I tested with such trigger and automatic trigger like "When an item is created"

    For "For a Selected Item" trigger

    In short, Alex can create item in List B with the flow. The only thing we need to pay attention to will be the flow settings.

    If you add Alex as a run-only user, I will get an Access denied error just like you. The key will be making the flow use the connection of the admin. It is Jerry in the screenshot. Things are same if you add the List A as a run-only user.

    For "When an item is created" trigger

    We do not need to worry about anything. The new item just get created without any further steps.

    So here is all I found. I assume the connection used in the flow may be the key factor causing this error. First double check that the current used connection will be able to create item in the required list. Then try to grant the run-only user to use the connection of the flow creator. Just as the notification mentioned, the connection is only allowed to be used inside the flow. Thus there will not be a permission trouble in daily use on the list.

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  1. Jossué Besson 21 Reputation points

    I use a powerApps button, so a powerApps Trigger, so i don't have the "Run only users" option.

    You solution "For a selected item" seems to work but i can't use it because we shoud use a list to accept the settlement of the company, and it doesn't what we want, we want a thing which look like a button and a checkbox to accept use

    I tried the method with "When an item is created", it work thank you, it just sad that i need to create two list and two automate to make work the automate but that work.

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