Can't load action type "JavaScriptCode in Logic Apps.

Thomas COUILLEAUX 1 Reputation point

Hello Logic Apps helpers,

After following the documentation:
I created a free integration account and add this action to my logic app:

"actions": {  

    "Execute_JavaScript_Code": {  

        "inputs": {  

            "code": "var text = \"Hello world from \" +;\r\n\r\nreturn text;"  


        "runAfter": {  

            "Parse_JSON": [  




        "type": "JavaScriptCode"  


Visual studio code return this issue:

The type of the flow operation.

Value is not accepted. Valid values: "ApiConnection", "ApiConnectionWebhook", "ApiManagement", "AppendToArrayVariable", "AppendToStringVariable", "Batch", "Compose", "DecrementVariable", "Expression", "FlatFileDecoding", "FlatFileEncoding", "Foreach", "Function", "Http", "HttpWebhook", "If", "IncrementVariable", "InitializeVariable", "IntegrationAccountArtifactLookup", "Join", "Liquid", "ParseJson", "Query", "Recurrence", "Request", "Response", "Scope", "Select", "SendToBatch", "SetVariable", "SlidingWindow", "Switch", "Table", "Terminate", "Until", "Wait", "Workflow", "XmlValidation", "Xslt".(1)

Did you know if the JavaScriptCode type is still available ?

Is there some requirements i dismissed ?

THX in Advanced

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  1. Lars Maertins 1 Reputation point


    is it possible that you didn't link the integration account to the logic app as described in:

    Link to logic app

    I encountered that it's not possible to save the logic app using the online code editor if I add a JavaScript Code and the integration account isn't linked. Maybe this is why it's displayed as an invalid type.

    But perhaps JavaScript Code isn't available for the VS Code Plugin yet or yours is outdated, because it's still in Preview mode in the online Logic Apps Designer.

    You should try to use the online Designer for once and I'll test it with VS Code later today.
    Let me know if something helped or if you found the problem.

  2. Thomas COUILLEAUX 1 Reputation point

    Thx to your reply,

    The integration account is linked with the logic app:

    alt text

    I have the same issue with the web designer:

    alt text

    The error message in webdesigner is not correct, when i checked in vscode i have the same error but i can see the Javascript flow operation is not enabled:

    alt text

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