Win10 LTSC kiosk error using Edge

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I have a touchpanel device using Win10 LTSC 2019 that needs to work as a kiosk with IE, Edge or Chrome in order to present a custom (IoT) webpage. For this I want to use kiosk mode, but when configuring no apps are shown while setting up assigned access. I can setup assigned access using powershell but then I get an error on boot.

How can I use assigned access to get this touchpanel to work in assigned access mode with a browser?

I'm aware that LTSC is receiving a stable update stream, which is not with Edge/Chrome, however this is of none importance to the use. The touchpanel is showing a webpage presenting values from various sources.

I'm receiving the following when setting up assigned access using powershell:
* Error 0x80004007 with IE
* Error 0x80270254 with Edge

Setting up assigned access using => set-assignedaccess -username "kiosk" -appname edge (or IE

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    We can set up a kiosk using powershell. Before we run the cmdlet ,we should :

    1. Log in as administrator.
    2. Create the user account for Assigned Access.
    3. Log in as the Assigned Access user account.
    4. Install the Universal Windows app that follows the assigned access/above the lock guidelines.
    5. Log out as the Assigned Access user account.
    6. Log in as administrator.
      Then run powershell as administrator:
    7. Configure assigned access by appusermodelid and user name
    8. Configure assigned access by appusermodelid and user SID
    9. Configure assigned access by app name and user name
    10. Configure assigned access by app name and user SID

    For more information about kiosk ,please search

    Best regards

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  2. Sean Liming 4,501 Reputation points

    Assigned access was a cute workaround solution to launch UWP applications at startup, but there some problems with Assigned access. For regular .EXE use Shell Launcher instead to launch the browser on startup. Managing the the shell is much easier under Shell Launcher as there is a WMI API set and utilities available based on the WMI API set.

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