routing all .html to proper razor pages in Server side Blazor

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I have an older website where I'm doing a lot of urlrewrite stuff to my old .aspx files. I'm now trying to covert this site to blazor and I would like to be able to access a lot of m blazor site using direct .html filenames within the urls.

so I have a .razor page and within it I have:

@page "/information-on-mystuff.html" in my razor pages

and then within the startup.cs file I have something like this:

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>

                // I added this next line in to make /information-on-mystuff.html properly display on browser refresh
                endpoints.MapFallbackToPage("/information-on-mystuff.html", "/_Host"); 

doing this works correctly but is it possible to have a wild card something like:

 endpoints.MapFallbackToPage("/*.html", "/_Host");

I have many routes that I will need to convert from my old site which is making use of the urlrewritre module extensively and I want like to know what the best way to do this is. I would also like to keep access to all of .html pages because my older site is already doing well in SEO and I don't want all these pages to disappear..

Any help would be great!

thanks in advance..

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