Group Categorical Data module missing in Designer, how to reduce number of levels?

asked 2021-05-05T02:54:20.377+00:00
Emilio Gagliardi 16 Reputation points

Hi there,

I'm working through a tutorial on reducing the number of levels of a categorical variable before using the "Convert to Indicator Values" module. In the tutorial, the presenter is using the classic studio which has a module called "Group Categorical Data". Unfortunately, I'm using ML Designer and it doesn't have that module.

Is there an easy workaround to reduce the number of categorical levels in Designer before using the Convert to Indicator Values module?

Thanks kindly,

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  1. answered 2021-05-06T03:47:55.663+00:00
    GiftA-MSFT 11,091 Reputation points

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. Based on further exploration and confirmation from the product team, it seems Designer does not currently support 'Group Categorical Data' module. The recommendation is to use Execute Python/R Script module to perform custom data transformations. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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