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Hello Azure Community,

I am trying to establish a device to cloud communication over Azure Provisioning Service and Azure IoT Hub.

My device from texas instruments provides a quickstart example:

The example:

  • create iothub and provisioning service and link them
  • creates test CA certificates and deposited this in IotHub/Certificates
  • verifies this certificates in IotHub/Certificates
  • creates device certificate and deposites the public key in Provisioning_Service/Individual_Enrollments
  • create iot device with specified common name in IotHub

I used a student license and the budget was used up. With this license I used the tutorial (created new CA, device certificates, add certificates in azure, add individual enrollments,...) and it worked.

Since this, I tried to reproduce the steps (created new CA, device certificates, add certificates in azure, add individual enrollments,...) and run the quickstart again. On device side there are no changes (just changed iothub id_scope, keys,...) that can cause the problem. Therefore my problem is on the azure side.

The error in the device is: "IoTHub not found."

And in the enrollment I found this to:

But i linked and selected the IoTHub correctly:

Do you have any suggestions?

This example without a CA works:

With best regards

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  1. QuantumCache 20,031 Reputation points

    Hello @Patrick Schneider Thanks for reaching out on this forum.

    Are you still using the Student Azure Subscription? or any Paid subscription?
    What is the IoTHub tier used?

    Please go through the below documentation:
    Quickstart: Create and provision an X.509 device using C# device SDK for IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service: These steps show you how to use device code from the Azure IoT Samples for C# to provision an X.509 device. In this article, you will run device sample code on your development machine to connect to an IoT Hub using the Device Provisioning Service.(You can choose other available languages as well instead of C#.)


    Please comment in the below section if you are still blocked in this matter.

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