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We have recently used the Azure translator for Polish chats and have had feedback that the translations provided could be considered rude.

According to the person I spoke to, Polish is very strict about the formal use of “you” (tu/lei), and it’s translation of tickets to “biletu/biliety” is also considered to be wrong.
The text is being very informal (apparently it comes across as almost rude to a native)

ci should be Ci, or better replace that sentence with “Jak mogę Państwu pomóc?”

Text often refers to Biletu or Bilety – apparently these are translations that are more applicable to airline or plane tickets - in Polish we should just use Ticket

The sentence to prompt an end user to provide a ticket number is very badly worded. The suggestion from the team would be to use this: ”Proszę podać numer ticketu, a ja sprawdzę jego status”

Hope you are able to assist, I spoke with our Microsoft Account Manager who recommended we post here. Thank you

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