GraphAPI WorksheetProtection: unprotect function fails with: "The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.", but follows API specification?

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When calling the unprotect function via the Graph Explorer, I'm getting an error: "The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.", but I believe I'm following everything that the api says it needs?

I've included a copy of the URL I'm using in Graph Explorer and pictures of the request, headers, body JSON, and an export of the request / response from Graph Explorer.

Any assistance is very much appreciated at this point as I can't seem to find anyone examples anywhere of a successful POST against this API.

Thanks in advance.



{"log":{"version":"4.0","creator":{"name":"Graph Explorer","version":"4.0"},"entries":[{"startedDateTime":"2021-04-30T15:06:46.894Z","time":2153,"request":{"method":"POST","url":"{5A374F5A-FFF4-4602-96AB-67073C354218}/protection/unprotect","httpVersion":"HTTP/1.1","cookies":[],"headers":[{"name":"Athorization","value":"Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLC................."},{"name":"accept","value":"application/json"},{"name":"Content-type","value":"application/json"}],"queryString":[{"name":"","value":""}],"postData":{"mimeType":"application/json","text":{"password":"XXXXXXXXX"}},"headersSize":-1,"bodySize":-1},

"response":{"status":400,"statusText":"Bad Request","httpVersion":"HTTP/1.1","cookies":[],"headers":{"cache-control":"no-cache","client-request-id":"cfe3aa70-d446-0877-82b6-4d46d6477f94","content-type":"application/json","request-id":"0c36de81-1bf5-4352-8107-701c0bd6e3f7"},"content":{"text":"{\"error\":{\"code\":\"InvalidArgument\",\"message\":\"The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.\",\"innerError\":{\"code\":\"invalidArgument\",\"message\":\"The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.\",\"date\":\"2021-04-30T15:06:49\",\"request-id\":\"0c36de81-1bf5-4352-8107-701c0bd6e3f7\",\"client-request-id\":\"cfe3aa70-d446-0877-82b6-4d46d6477f94\"}}}","size":366,"mimeType":"application/json"},"redirectURL":"","headersSize":-1,"bodySize":-1},"cache":{},"timings":{"send":0,"wait":0,"receive":0},"connection":""}]}}

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  1. Saurabh Sharma 23,251 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Sean-2001 ,

    After further investigation it turns out to be a documentation issue as Excel Graph doesn't currently support the "password" parameter (as described by$metadata), and unfortunately they don't yet have plan to release it. They are working internally to update the documentation on the same.

    Could you please us provide more information such as your scenario and the impact of the issue to his scenario, etc. so that I can take it forward with the products team.

    Thank you,


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