New Hyper-V host on Cisco NX5548

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Good morning, all!

I have a new Hyper-V host that I have connected to a pair of Nexus NX5548 switches. The host has two 10Gb ports that I currently have teamed in a Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver. These ports are connected to ports on two NX5548 switches. The ports are configured simply:

interface Ethernet1/23
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 28
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,23,27-28,36

The host 10Gb connections are DHCP and have an IP from vlan 28. I also have a test guest VM on that host; it also has a DHCP Address from vlan 28. The virtual switch inside Hyper-V does not have VLAN ID enabled.

If I enable the VLAN ID on the virtual switch, pings to that host stop, and begin again when I disable VLAN ID. If I give the guest a static IP in another vlan covered by the allowed vlans, no pings from or to the host succeed.

If I change the IP on the guest to another subnet covered by the allowed vlans, pings stop to the guest.

I don't know enough about the Nexus switches to be sure of my next changes. I suspect I need another PortChannel group to handle the dual nics on the host, but I'm not sure. I'd like to keep the team on the host to enable 20 Gb throughput, and as well have the redundancy of two hefty connections, and will need the vlans to communicate to and from the host.

If anyone has insight on the better configuration I'd be grateful for some direction.



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  1. JiayaoZhu 3,911 Reputation points


    Thanks for your posting!

    Based on your descriptions, firstly, I may need more information about how did you configure your switchport mode trunk on our Hyper-V, for instance, which kind of virtual switch did you use?

    Secondly, I may suggest you to ask for suggestions from technical supporters working for Cisco because your issue seems to be more related with this third party product, as you said above. Cisco Nexus NX5548 switch is not our product and I am not so sure how it works with Hyper-V.

    Thanks for your understanding! And I will keep investigating this issue for you.



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  2. Gregg Hughes 291 Reputation points

    Hello, Joan!

    A colleague found the problem; we'll be looking further at it sometime in the next couple of days. I'll report back when I have the full answer.