Tracking Split Stories

asked 2021-05-06T20:10:38.023+00:00
Tim Tidmarsh 96 Reputation points

We've installed the Splits extension to be used when a story has remaining tasks at the end of the sprint and carryover to the next sprint. I would like to report on how many times a story has been split from the first sprint it was inserted into. There's no documentation for this extension about reporting. Does anyone use this extension and do you report on it?

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  1. answered 2021-05-10T13:50:20.127+00:00
    Tim Tidmarsh 96 Reputation points

    Thanks James, the extension we used came from the Azure marketplace, it's called Split!:

    The documentation is fairly minimal but I did create a query that looks for the word "split" using the "contains words" as my operator which is common in all stories that are split, I could have also created a Tag called "Split" so looks like I'm good to go here. Thanks for your help.