Extract all Microsoft 365 Groups that were provisioned in Yammer

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Hi All,

I am working on an audit task where I am trying to list all M365 Groups that were provisioned using Yammer. The reason for this is that any M365 Groups that have been provisioned using Yammer cannot be migrated to a "Team" in Teams.

I have found out that Pre - April 2019 Yammer Groups populated the ResourceBehaviorOptions property as YammerProvisioning but since MS changed this I have struggled to find a way to identify every Group that was created using Yammer.

If I run Get-UnifiedGroup -Filter {ResourceBehaviorOptions -eq "YammerProvisioning"} this will show a list of all Groups with that property that is set to YammerProvisioning and I have confirmed that indeed this is only Groups that were created on Yammer.

Can anyone tell me how I would be able to extract a list of Groups that were provisioned with Yammer? Any help would be really useful.



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Microsoft Graph
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  1. Jamie Fulton 96 Reputation points

    I located properties from a Yammer Group using Graph Explorer by running the following - https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/groups/{Enter Group ID in between these brackets}

    Once this was complete we were able to see that the new property that was being populated when a M365 was provisioned with Yammer is now named creationOptions - "YammerProvisioning"

    As we need to use the ResourceBehaviorOptions property for Groups created pre - April 2019 and then creationOptions for Groups created post April 2019 this would require a but of work to pull both PowerShell and Graph together to get this data, therefore we continued to try and find another script that would list all M365 that was provisioned with Yammer and finally found:

    Get-UnifiedGroup |?{$_.GroupSku -eq "Yammer"}

    This will pull every M365 that has the Yammer Group SKU which is every M365 that has been provisoned with Yammer.

    I hope this answer helps someone who may be looking to achieve the same thing.

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  1. Vasil Michev 91,126 Reputation points MVP

    Apart from checking the value of ResourceProvisioningOptions/ResourceBehaviorOptions (which as you noted isn't always populated), you can check the ServiceEndpointUris and YammerEmailAddress properties. Your other option is to crawl the unified audit log events... which is much slower and only covers a limited timespan.

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