azure sphere Ethernet enc28j60 coexisting with SPI Devices

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I am working with an Azure Sphere AES-MS-MT3620 Module from AVNET.

There are several external components connected to ISU0 (SPI), ISU1(UART), ISU2(I2C).
On SPI (ISU0) the Ethernet Controller ENC28j60 should be used in parallel with other spi connected devices.
When the Example "PrivateNetworkServices" is programmed, the Interface to ENC28j60 is properly working.

Also when i use the standalone implementation external sensors connected via SPI (ISU0), they are all working.

But when i want to use them together, i am not able to deploy that on the device.

following app_manifest.json shows a minimal configuration.

  "Capabilities": {
    "AllowedTcpServerPorts": [ 11000 ],
    "NetworkConfig": true,
    "SntpService": true,
    "DhcpService": true,
    "SpiMaster": [ "$MY_SPI"],
    "I2cMaster": [ "$MY_I2C"],
    "Uart": [ "$MY_UART"],


Following Error is shown:

error: Could not deploy application to device: Application manifest requests a GPIO that is already in use by another application.

Isn't it possible to drive ISU0 from user application when ETH ist used?
Is there a way to use ISU0 together with the sideloaded ETH drivers?

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    Please can you share your hardware definition file(s) so that the values for e.g. "SPI_SOFT_CS_SENSOR1" can be seen.
    Alternatively, please share the app_manifest.json found in your compilation output folder under "appRoot" -- this will contain the actual numbers for the peripherals used, after mapping.

    Note that Ethernet support consumes ISU0 and GPIO pin 5, so you cannot use these for the application when using Ethernet.

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