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yasser Mohamed AbdelMoneim 291 Reputation points


I have SQL 2016 always on and it is hosting the below

-One instance for Database
-One instance for SQL reporting services
-4 Databases

what is the best option to migrate all these database to Azure SQL paas

Azure Database Migration service
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  1. Malleswara Reddy, G 1,631 Reputation points


    You can try out with Managed instance.

    Have a quick look on different optoins available

    Migrating SQL Server -

  2. Leon Laude 85,716 Reputation points


    You can use Azure Database Migration Service to migrate the databases from a SQL Server instance to Azure SQL Database, you'll find more information here:

    Here's also some tutorial guides for migrating SQL Servers to Azure SQL PaaS:

    Tutorial: Migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL Database offline using DMS

    Tutorial: Migrate SQL Server to an Azure SQL Managed Instance offline using DMS

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  3. Navtej Singh Saini 4,221 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @yasser Mohamed AbdelMoneim

    Your question gives 2 things. First you have 4 databases on the same instance, and you use reporting services. You need to decide on which type of SQL Server you need. Here are some options:

    1) SQL Server IaaS approach – If don’t want to change anything in how you use SQL Server, this is the best option. You will have full control over your Data and can use reporting service as needed
    2) Azure SQL Single DB/ Elastic DB PaaS approach– If all of your DB’s have same usage, Azure SQL Single DB makes sense where each Database will have its own resources and if the usage is varied and different at different times, You can create a elastic pool. You may have to use different method or keep SSRS on-prem for reporting.
    3) Azure SQL managed instance – This is closer to capabilities of On Prem Sql server and also provides you full range of PaaS capabilities but the SSRS also will not work here directly but have to use Cloud BI solutions.

    So every approach has its advantages and disadvantages depending on work you want to do. Check what is needed most for your Data and what capabilities you can’t work without. Here is the complete list of comparison between two PaaS approaches and DB migration methods.

    Hope this helps.

    Navtej S

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