After setup, logon as domain user, can't open taskmgr or run anything requiring UAC / admin - Error: Data of this type is not supported.

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We've been seeing an issue recently where after a fresh deployment of Windows 10 using a Configuration Manager Task Sequence, some computers work fine, while others have some weird issues. The exact same task sequence is used, installing the same image, settings, and apps, and running on identical hardware. Running the same OSD Task sequence again on the same computer will sometimes result in a working system, but other times it will exhibit the same issues again. Here are the symptoms we're seeing when something is wrong:

When a domain user first logs on to the computer, they get popups about app defaults being reset.
Error when launching anything requiring elevation / "Run as administrator": "Data of this type is not supported."
Users who are members of the administrators group can't even open Task Manager becuase of this
When running powershell as administrator, the error is a little bit different
Logging in using the built in admin account, I am able to open these apps with full admin rights, since the local admin account doesn't require elevation through UAC.

The app defaults getting reset seems to be the same issue described in this thread:

That thread ended with the fix expected to be in the April 2020 CU, but then was locked due to the forum migration before the update was released. It's not clear whether the fix was in that update or addressed the issue for anyone, but I know for certain that I am still seeing this issue when installing Win10 v1909 and v2004, with the June 2020 updates already applied to both images (using David Segura's OSDBuilder)

For anyone who was experiencing the default apps issue, have any recent updates addressed the issue for you? Do you also see issues running apps with elevation on the problem computers? That issue was never mentioned in the old thread, so I'm wondering whether it's a separate issue altogether that just happens to occur under the same circumstances for us.


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