WebBrowser -> acces to css when mouse hover of html id style -> get, set, click inside wpf + c#

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Hello i need a help, how can i decide the problem with it.

I wan to get value from the html elements my id and style while the mouse is moving hover the element --> get, set and do auto click by the elements...


First of all i have loaded the page

this.MainBrowser.NavigateToString(@"<html><body><textarea class=""myStudentInput"" id=""myStudentInput1"">Text to be copied</textarea></body></html>");

than how to get value if mouse hover of element -- > class="myStudentInput" and id="myStudentInput1"

how to get and set html value text -- like -- > Text to be copied

how to change class and id class="myStudentInput" and id="myStudentInput1" --> inside the breakets

and how to simulate, do mouse click by the html element onid or style / css

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