Accessing Keyvault with Azure Active Directory on Windows Azure Batch Pool Node

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So I have a ton of python scripts I'm running on-prem. I want to move them all to Azure and started looking at the steps.

Steps I took:

  1. I created an Azure Batch account - windows with the science variety so that python and all are already installed.
  2. I created a key vault to store usernames and passwords for our existing storage account and Azure Data Warehouse
  3. I am using a storage account to store the python code.

What happens: The python runs great when called from a scheduled data factory pipeline.

What I have been banging my head on for a week++
I wanted to use Azure Active Directory to authenticate with the keyvault. I initially thought I would just be able to run the python for the windows node in the batch account and use windows authentication with python "DefaultCredential" by instructing the node or pool to use a particular AAD account when running like a "run-as" or something, however, it doesn't look that easy.

It looks like I have to create an app registration, or managed Identity then use that with a service prinipal to then connect to the keyvault to finally get the user/pass for the Azure Data Warehouse.

Links I have reviewed:
as well as a ton of youtube videos and whatnot

I guess I'm just really stuck in understanding the flow of authentication from an Azure Batch Pool/Node to KeyVault.

Just looking for advice or guidance or some corrections in what I am missing. I will say that authenticating from Data Factory, Logic Apps and other services like Azure Functions to KeyVault seem so easy because you can literally pick the AAD/AD account.


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