WSUS cannot deploy Visual Studio updates with Configuration Manager?

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I've been struggling with keeping our developer workstations up to date as we have multiple Visual Studio versions and none of them appear to take updates from WSUS. To date, I can only manually remote to each device, one at a time, and run the VS Installer and manually download and install the latest monthly update. It takes forever, and I can never get time on the developer workstations. I was so excited to see the VS blog post about being able to use WSUS to deploy VS updates. But I went through and set everything up as described and it still didn't work. No updates were deemed applicable despite me having the latest May 2021 VS updates approved and downloaded in WSUS. All the other May updates installed perfectly on our developer workstations, but Visual Studio was basically invisible to WSUS. So I went back through the instructions and then I saw this....

You can’t use WSUS itself to deploy these updates; it must be used in conjunction with Configuration Manager.

Why doesn't Microsoft support WSUS? Microsoft has Visual Studio listed in the WSUS Products list. I can download the latest VS updates in WSUS every month. I can approve them for our developer workstations. Everything is ready, except for the detection logic. Why can WSUS update every other Microsoft product under the sun, and then have the VS updates available to it, but not actually install them? It's just detection logic, right? I have updated Windows, Office, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, .NET, and on and on with just WSUS and no SCCM. And have done it perfectly for over a decade. Why on earth would Visual Studio be any different from an update standpoint? What does Microsoft expect us to do in this case? If you won't support WSUS, then remove Visual Studio from the list of products I can download. Why the lack of consistency? Why the lack of appreciation for customers configurations? Please tell me this is only a temporary issue. Or please provide another option.

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