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I work with several developers, and our company recently moved to Teams. Many of us are linux users and we all (Windows users included) connect to our organization through a corporate proxy. We all use the Teams desktop app, and the linux users are either Redhat or CentOS users.

All the Windows users and a few Linux users have no problems connecting to Teams. However, some Linux users will try to log in, but are unable to. When they try to log in, they are prompted to enter their work email. When they click Next, they get a message saying "Taking you to your organization's sign-in page" and then a new window opens up. This window is blank. For Linux users that are able to log in, this would normally be our organization's login page.

For the people that can't connect to Teams in Linux, we have verified the following:

  • Their proxy settings are the same as those who can connect.
  • They cannot log into their account in the Teams web app in Chrome in Linux, they get the same blank white screen. However, they are able to connect as guest in the webapp.
  • They can connect to Teams on a Windows machine just fine.
  • They can log into our organization's webmail (Office 365) in Linux without any issues. The organization's login page loads just fine.
  • These people have never successfully logged into Teams on Linux before. It's not as if they had access once, and then suddenly couldn't log in.

Any ideas? Unfortunately we are unable to test without using a proxy server. SELINUX is disabled, Firewalls are disabled. Certificates are needed to see the organization's login page, but people who had certificate issues experienced a completely different error, which we were able to resolve.

In any case, we are a bit stumped.

I've attached the logs of someone that was unable to connect. 96340-logs.txt

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    Hello again! We were able to resolve the issue.

    It turns out it was a certificate issue. The affected users had outdated certificates on their machines. We updated their certificates and all is working now. I wish I could give you the nitty-gritty details, but this is all I have.

    In any case, thank you for your help.

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