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Windows 10, Edge 90.0.818.56

When a page is scrolled, Edge does not stop immediately, or even quickly. It keeps scrolling, slows down, and eventually stops. When there is a link to click, I must chase the link for a while before being able to click it. My hands have tremors and chasing the link to click it is frustrating.
How can it be configured to stop scrolling immediately?

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  1. Bryan Kelly 286 Reputation points
    1. I have Chrome but dislike it popping up new tabs about a minute after it has started. It scrolls a bit after I stop, but not as much as edge.
    2. Yes, I use the scroll wheel on the mouse. Cursor keys don't do the job.

    but, I am trying some pages and it is not doing the same. Unfortunately I did not save the web sites and I cannot get the behavior now. I will try to watch for that and get back here later.

    Thank you for taking the time to post.

    16 May 2021, Edit
    I just followed a link to this site:

    When scrolling to find the comments the screen did the long slowing down scroll when using the mouse wheel. The images and text took, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 the screen to stop. Using the Page up/down buttons is better. I opened the page with Chrome and it was much better. But I really dislike that Chrome waits a minute or so after opening then opens more tabs and sometimes an email tab and puts me there mid keystroke.

  2. JoeZ 1 Reputation point

    I know this is an old post, but I was having the exact same issue, but for some reason after reading YuZhou-MSFT's first reply it dawned on me that the problem might be with my mouse settings.

    So I checked my Logitech settings, turned off smooth scrolling there, and now my scrolling doesn't have that annoying slow-down anymore!
    Just a crisp, clean stop!

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