ADLS Gen2 lifecycle management policies and events logged to Log Analytics Workspace

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There is an interesting observation with ADLS Gen 2 Storage Account.

When you have lifecycle management policies configured to delete blobs older than certain duration when these policies execute, it starts to clean up matching blobs and associated directories within a container and also rightly so, it starts to delete empty directories too.

Now the observation: When you have configured diagnostic settings to emit all logs to the log analytics workspace, you can see these logs of cleanup operations in the log analytics workspace, however you would notice that even while deleting different directories (note I am not referring blob files), the logs are being added as 'DeleteBlob' operation.

Shouldn't it be logged as Delete Directories event? This could become an issue specifically when you have event subscriptions associated to do specific task when a directory gets deleted, but because these lifecycle management policies do not emit the 'Delete Directory' event that will never trigger your event subscribers and I think is kind of misleading or certainly not right.

Anyone noticed it or if it's already on the roadmap of PG to look at?

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