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I am trying to deploy an app using Web App service using images from Azure Container Registry, but there is no luck. Locally the app runs with no problem. Would appreciate your help.


2020-06-24T19:05:57.912Z INFO  - Logging is not enabled for this container.
Please use to enable logging to see container logs here.
2020-06-24T19:06:03.362Z INFO  - Started multi-container app
2020-06-24T19:06:03.366Z INFO  - Initiating warmup request to container auth-service_server_1_e8849487 for site auth-service
2020-06-24T19:06:03.388Z INFO  - Container auth-service_server_1_e8849487 for site auth-service initialized successfully and is ready to serve requests.
2020-06-24T19:06:08.389Z ERROR - Container for auth-service_client_1_e8849487 site auth-service is unhealthy, Stopping site.
2020-06-24T19:06:08.389Z INFO  - Stopping site auth-service because it is not healthy.
2020-06-24T19:06:10.600Z INFO  - Starting multi-container app, configuration = 
version: "2"
        container_name: server
        restart: always
        build: ./server
        command: npm run start
            - "8080:8080"
        container_name: client
        restart: always
        build: ./client
        command: npm start
            - server
            - "3000:3000"
        tty: true
2020-06-24T19:06:11.189Z INFO  - Pulling image:
2020-06-24T19:06:11.417Z INFO  - latest Pulling from auth-service_server
2020-06-24T19:06:11.419Z INFO  -  Digest: sha256:dfde60252190dbc951c12efb5291b795f3d1c524d01ad07d65f2af5c22630c50
2020-06-24T19:06:11.420Z INFO  -  Status: Image is up to date for
2020-06-24T19:06:11.422Z INFO  - Pull Image successful, Time taken: 0 Minutes and 0 Seconds
2020-06-24T19:06:11.433Z INFO  - Starting container for site
2020-06-24T19:06:11.434Z INFO  - docker run -d -p 3253:8080 --name auth-service_server_0_078e8109 -e WEBSITES_ENABLE_APP_SERVICE_STORAGE=false -e WEBSITE_SITE_NAME=auth-service -e WEBSITE_AUTH_ENABLED=False -e WEBSITE_ROLE_INSTANCE_ID=0 -e -e WEBSITE_INSTANCE_ID=8f346eed0b0dd242e6aeb51a140f37828ece5bc67d8bdb79787ed0375aa2aa98 npm run start 
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Azure App Service
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  1. ajkuma 24,811 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A! Thanks for posting this question.

    Be sure that your application is listening on the port provided by the PORT environment variable: process.env.PORT.

    Only port 80 and 8080 is accessible (exposed ports). When your application fails to start, you can check the Docker logs in the LogFiles directory. To log the stdout and stderr from your container, you need to enable Application Logging under App Service Logs. The setting takes effect immediately. App Service detects the change and restarts the container automatically.

    Based on the application framework, kindly you could startup command is configured -

    You can also always inspect the log files from the browser at https://<app-name> and leverage App Service diagnostics to fetch more details on the issue. To access App Service diagnostics, navigate to your App Service app in the Azure portal. In the left navigation, click on Diagnose and solve problems- From there, run the “Availability & Performance” & “Diagnostic Tools” for investigation.

    Kindly let us know if this helps or you need further assistance, we would more than happy to assist you.