Outlook endless redirect problem

karthick Munusamy 21 Reputation points

Hi Team, Repeating redirects detected. I'm using Chrome and edge, as my primary browser I would like to fix the issue. It also errors out in private mode. I have tried clearing my cache and restarting my browser. I've also tried logging in using (outlook.office.com/owa) instead of my organizations website which throws the same error. Below is the given "more details" section: clientIPAddress X-ClientId: EE097527531C448E9981475D2550CC94 X-Redir-Error ArLym14B7zLJduYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BHoa-duYY2Qg|ArLym14B7qeMduYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BRb6CduYY2Qg|ArLym14BQwNKduYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BkMs_duYY2Qg|ArLym14BccIGduYY2Qg|AsTJRt4Bz9j8deYY2Qg|ArLym14BcRW_deYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BoZiwdeYY2Qg|ArLym14B546AdeYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BJzB2deYY2Qg|ArLym14BxIVHdeYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BBCc9deYY2Qg|ArLym14B_WsEdeYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BPeb5dOYY2Qg|ArLym14BpC-_dOYY2Qg|AsTJRt4By1u0dOYY2Qg|ArLym14BF2B1dOYY2Qg|AsTJRt4BqvBmdOYY2Qg|ArLym14BMbX8c-YY2Qg X-FEServer SGBP274CA0008 Date:5/17/2021 3:47:16 AM ![97033-outlook-issue.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/97033-outlook-issue.png?platform=QnA Thanks, Karthick.

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Microsoft Exchange Online Management
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  1. Aron Budinszky 66 Reputation points

    I tried all the typical "delete your cookies" solutions - nothing worked. Ultimately changing the user's admin roles worked for me.

    Here's what I did:

    1. Log in to https://admin.microsoft.com/ admin panel with any other user
    2. Click on Users / Active users in the sidebar
    3. Select the user from the list and then click Manage roles
    4. Select only the relevant roles here. If the user is an administrator, then unselect everything and only select Global Administrator

    As I understand the issue is that if you have several overlapping roles the system tries to log the user out and back in with different roles, causing an infinite redirect loop.

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  2. Lucas Liu-MSFT 6,156 Reputation points

    Hi anonymous user ,
    What type of your mailbox? Is it a pure Exchange online mailbox?
    Only one user have this issue or multiple users have this issue?
    Did you changed any settings of the mailbox before this issue occurred?

    1.Please try to log in to the mailbox using the Outlook client and check whether it is successful.

    2.Please try to log in to the mailbox using the OWA in another computer.

    3.In addition to the cache, have you cleared the cookies data? If not, please clear the cookies data and log in to the mailbox again.
    Please refer to: Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge

    4.Please check the data/time settings in your computer.

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  3. Valery Monges 1 Reputation point

    Thx AronBudinszky-2264 , that worked for me.

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