Logic App CDS connector - Trigger fires on fields not specified in attribute list. During bulk CRM Update



I have a logic app which starts with a CDS On Entity Update trigger.
The trigger is against the Contact Entity in CRM.
The trigger also specifies a list of 60 attributes filters that it should ONLY trigger on. The contact entity has over 500 attributes.

The behavior I am seeing currently is that when we do a bulk data load into CRM against records in the Contact entity, and that data load is on fields which ARE NOT in my list of attributes on the trigger, the trigger still fires and the logic app runs. But if I was to update a field (not in the attribute list) manually through the CRM UI, the logic app doesn't trigger which is how it should behave.

I am a little confused now as to why the logic app trigger fires when fields not included in the trigger attribute list, are part of a bulk update against the entity in CRM.

Has anyone else seen this behavior before?

And even though I think I know the answer, but is there away to see at the logic app end, why it thinks it triggered?

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  1. Anonymous

    This transpired to be that be related to boolean attributes in CRM. If you do an 'update' using an API and you are updating a boolean with the value it already has, so true to true, then CRM doesn't record that in the Audit against that record. It records other data types when they are updated with the same value, but not boolean's for some reason.

    So what was happening is that there are booleans in our trigger, but because it didn't look like the field was update, by looking at the record audit, we didn't know it was the boolean field causing the trigger.

    Annoying but good to know.

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