AD Connect Sync rules export to csv file

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I have a lot of AD Sync rules stated in the sync editor, is there a script or PowerShell way to export the rules and list them in a excel (.csv file)?

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  1. Joseph Patrick 641 Reputation points

    I solved the problem by writing the following script:

    $ADSyncRules = Get-ADSyncRule
    $connectors = Get-ADSyncConnector
    $ConfigBasePath = "C:\temp"
    $ADSyncRules|select Identifier,Name, @{n="Connector";e={($connectors|Where Identifier -eq $_.Connector).Name}},Description,Disabled,IsStandardRule,Precedence, SourceObjectType,TargetObjectType,LinkType,Direction | Export-Csv ("$ConfigBasePath\{0}.csv" -f $env:COMPUTERNAME) -NoTypeInformation -Force
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  1. Vasil Michev 91,046 Reputation points MVP
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  2. Joseph Patrick 641 Reputation points

    I did that but it exports the rules in its own xml document, I am looking for a way that would get the rules and export the information of the following headers into a csv file:

    Name Connector Precedence Connector Object Type Metaverse Object Type Direction

    I was looking at the get-adsyncrule or the export-adsyncrule but not enough information is published to know it it will accomplish the task.

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