Duplicate Physical Volumes after File Recovery script

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After running the script in a Linux VM I get the following expected output:

************ Volumes from RAID Arrays/LVM partitions ************  
Sr.No.  |  Disk  |  Volume  |  Partition Type  
1)  | /dev/sdc  |  /dev/sdc2  |  LVM Physical Volume  
Run the following commands to mount and bring the partitions online.  
For LVM partitions:  
    $ pvs <volume name as shown above> - To list the volume group names under this physical volume  
    $ lvdisplay <volume-group-name from the above command's result> - To list all logical volumes, names and their paths in this volume group  
    $ mount <LV path> </mountpath> - To mount the logical volumes to the path of your choice  

Now running "pvs -o +vguuid" as directed by this step in the instructions results in error messages:

$ pvs -o +vguuid  
  WARNING: Not using lvmetad because duplicate PVs were found.  
  WARNING: Use multipath or vgimportclone to resolve duplicate PVs?  
  WARNING: After duplicates are resolved, run "pvscan --cache" to enable lvmetad.  
  WARNING: Not using device /dev/sdc2 for PV kPRGXc-WoRN-Mb27-TsHu-21r0-BwMW-ncA39w.  
  WARNING: PV kPRGXc-WoRN-Mb27-TsHu-21r0-BwMW-ncA39w prefers device /dev/sda2 because device is used by LV.  
  PV         VG     Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree   VG UUID  
  /dev/sda2  rootvg lvm2 a--  <62.51g <22.51g epi2Zi-3qKQ-2WUq-9ypN-fYlH-PS3R-cittka  

Would appreciate guidance on how to "use multipath or vgimportclone to resolve duplicate PVs?"

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    @SRQ CiviCRM Thank you for reaching out to us!

    This error occurs if you run the script on same machine.

    There are 2 options to try:

    Option 1: Run the script on a different machine  
    Option 2: Use vgimportclone to rename VGs  

    Try option 1 first to get unblocked.


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