Can an application and a dll use different ComCtrl32.dll?

Vishnu Gopalakrishnan 126 Reputation points

The application require ComCtrl32.dll 5.8 and where as one of its loaded require ComCtrl32.dll 6.0. How it possible?
Tried with specifying the versions in manifest of both application and dll project. But the dlls still using the 5.8 at some point( application manifest ).

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  1. Olaf Helper 39,181 Reputation points

    ComCtrl32.dll is an ActiveX control and on one machine only one version can be installed/registered; that's why it's called DLL-Hell:

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  2. Xiaopo Yang - MSFT 10,806 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    According to MSDN Isolating Components and the SO thread, with ISOLATION_AWARE_ENABLED used, you need to save contexts which need to be isolated. Then you active the context before you call on each entry functions and deactivate the context after functions returned.

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