core web api debugging issue

Manoj Sahu 1 Reputation point

I am struggling with core web API IIS debugging in localhost. when I try to run it with local IIS and send a request through the postman it keeps on sending the request, I don't see any response. I have tried lot many things to make it working but still the same thing....

I have made one new core web API and this is working fine. but the one on which I am having issue is my project solution I am not sure whats going on there.

I am using windows 10. VS 2019.

Please help me out

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  1. Duane Arnold 3,221 Reputation points

    You're actually doing what's in the link concerning Core and Local IIS debugging where the VS Web project is connected to the code local IIS is hosting?

    How much data is being sent on the request?

    Why can't you use VS debugging of hosted code on local IIS, which you can go to the browser address bar and make a request to a controller action method and see the response in the browser, by debug attaching to the WPW3.exe that is hosting the Web program and setting breakpoints?

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