Named Pipe Security when run in a Windows Service

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I have been testing a program that uses named pipes. I set it up as a class so I could use it in a desktop program
for testing, or start it from a service, which is where it was meant to run.

Testing went fine until I put it into a service. At that point, the client got an access error and could not connect to the pipe. If I ran the client as Administrator, it could connect. So obviously there is some security issue when running as a service.

I need to be able to allow all access to the pipe and not require Administrator privileges on the client side. The service is running under the default system account.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

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Windows Server
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  1. Mike Lusicic 21 Reputation points

    I would love to attach the proper tag, but your interface is totally deficient in this area. I am not given a list of tags to choose from and have to keep guessing to find one that is already defined. Totally counter productive.

    To illustrate the problem, you tell me to correct the tag rather than tell me what tag I should use, which I interpret to mean that you don't even know. A veteran of this web site.

    Please advise the proper tags to use, and please advise the individuals in charge of this web interface that it doesn't work very well.

    This has been a chronic situation in all the support forums. Previously it was not choosing the correct sub-area to post a question. The only difference here is that you have to pick the right tag. This is about Named Pipes, but no tag exists for that. Beyond that, not know what is available, it is just a guessing game to find one that is defined, and ultimately picking one that MAY be correct so that the question can get posted.

    In the mean time, it will take days to get the answer to my question because we have this run-around about picking the right categories with no help in choosing the right categories to begin with. At least in the old days, the questions were moved to the correct forum, but now I am stuck with an improper tag which may result in me getting no help whatsoever. Is this the goal of the forum?

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