Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '62523.286' to data type int.

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Here i am getting erro.
(C.ConWeight-iSNULL(Sum(I.IWeight),0)) as Pending_Weight,

with cte as(
SELECT   C.ContNo,C.entrydate as EntryDate, C.ConWeight as Act_weight,  C.No_Of_Bales as Act_Qty,
iSNULL(Sum(I.IWeight),0)Isu_Weight,iSNULL(Sum(i.QTY),0)Isu_QTY,(C.ConWeight-iSNULL(Sum(I.IWeight),0)) as Pending_Weight,
(C.No_Of_Bales-iSNULL(Sum(i.QTY),0)) as Pending_Qty
FROM     Containerno C
inner   join tbl_ContD CD 

left   join ConIssuance I 
where C.delid is null and I.Delid is null -- and C.entrydate>'2020-12-31'  and c.con_status is null
group by  C.ContNo,C.Contrackno, C.ConWeight,C.No_Of_Bales,C.entrydate
select ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY ContNo) AS S_No,ContNo,COnvert(varchar,EntryDate,103) Date ,Act_weight,Act_Qty,Isu_Weight,Isu_QTY,Pending_Weight,Pending_Qty  from cte
where Pending_Qty>0 -- and EntryDate>'2020-12-31'
union all

Select '','','Total',  Sum(isnull(cast(Act_Weight as float),0)),Sum(isnull(cast(Act_Qty as float),0)),Sum(isnull(cast(Isu_Weight as float),0)),Sum(isnull(cast(Isu_QTY as float),0)),
 Sum(isnull(cast(Pending_Weight as float),0)) ,   Sum(isnull(cast(Pending_Qty as float),0))  from cte
 where Pending_Qty>0 -- and EntryDate>'2020-12-31'
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  1. EchoLiu-MSFT 14,571 Reputation points

    Hi @Analyst_SQL ,

    In addition,the data types of the columns of the two select statements before and after union all must be the same. Please check for consistency.


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  1. Tom Phillips 17,711 Reputation points

    We would need to know the schema of the tables involved.

    My guess is Pending_Qty is an nvarchar. So Pending_Qty>0, needs to be CAST(Pending_Qty as INT)>0.

  2. Beata Małodzińska 1 Reputation point

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