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I have identity provider: ADFS and 2 service providers: app1 and app2

When I log in to app1 I can see that on ad fs site I have cookies:

SamlSession: decoded it contains: issuer name, userId and session index

So far so good, when I log out everything is great, after some hidden forms (POST) on ADFS all cookies are cleared and also cookies on my app1 are deleted and everything is fine.

Now when I have a problem:
When I log to app1, Im redirected to adfs, provide credentials, session cookies are created on adfs and on my app1. Great, then I move to app 2, I log in, Im redirected to AD FS but there is already active session so what I can see is that SamlSession cookie on AD FS site is extended (not overwritten) with new information: issuer name, userId and session index for app2

and I'm logged in to app2. Greeat but then when I want to logOut from app1, what I can see is that I'm redirected (by adfs) to app2 logout page, it fails and I can see that on AD FS site I don't have


cookies, they were deleted which is ok but I have new cookie called:


From that point I'm not able to logout from app1, each attempt results in failure.

What I would like to achive is that even if Im logged in to few service providers, after logout always ad fs session cookies are deleted and the n I should be redirected to services provider logout page (one from which aI called).

In my case when I log in only to app2 and then log out it also works (logout url is configured correctly for both app1 and app2)

What am I doing wrong here?

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Active Directory Federation Services
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  1. 国栋 杨 5 Reputation points

    Is your problem solved? I'm having the same problem

    The configuration is as follows:

    adfs Relying Rarty Trust:


    SAML Assertion Consumer Endpoints: https://sp1/saml_login(POST Binding)

    SAML Logout Endpoints: https://sp1/saml_logout(POST Binding)


    SAML Assertion Consumer Endpoints: https://sp2/saml_login(POST Binding)

    SAML Logout Endpoints: https://sp2/saml_logout(POST Binding)

    When I log in to only sp1 or sp2 in a browser, the login and logout are normal. When I log out, the adfs invokes the saml_logout interface and carries the correct SAMLResponse.

    When I log in to both sp1 and sp2 in one browser, the login is fine. However, when I exit on sp1, adfs sends Post https://sp2/saml_logout via browser 302 with SAMLRequest parameter. (When I exit on sp2, adfs sends Post https://sp1/saml_logout through the 302 of the browser, carrying the SAMLRequest parameter.)

    According to the SAML protocol, the exit URL sent to SP2 does not pass through the browser (5.3.2 SP-Initiated Single Logout with Multiple SPs of

    What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

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