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I'm using Jira API 3

I have defined my entity class as

for e.g.

internal Class JiraIssues
public string expand { get; set; }
public int startAt { get; set; }
public int maxResults { get; set; }
public string CustomField_123 { get; set; }
public string CustomField_1234 { get; set; }

In future more fields can be added so I cannot have a class that has a predefined properties, is there a way to define properties dynamically?
I.e. I get Json response from Jira API then I iterate through and create properties to accommodate new fields
for e.g. Public string CustomerField_12345{ get; set;}

Any pointers or any reference article on these lines will be very helpful.

S{issueIdOrKey}' api-group-issues

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