Macro resizes images bug at runtime

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I created a statement of account in Crystal reports and I have exported the report to Excel. Each page of the report is supposed to be emailed to an email address within each page. I have been trying to write a macro that will search for fields with an email within the worksheet and assign a name to the email range. So that I may write another macro that will print each page to PDF individually and email the form to the email address in the body. This is the reason I am naming each email field in the report. I am working out the kinks in the code, but I have encountered an issue. Every time I run the macro I wrote, it resizes the images in the worksheet. I don't know why it is doing this. I selected the images and selected to not move or resize with cells option in Format Picture properties. But that didn't work. It is still resizing the images in the document. It does this when I run the Do While part of my code.

If anyone can provide feedback on how to prevent this it would be helpful.

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