Accessing COM Object from WinRT Component

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I would like to write a WinRT (C++) component that access my COM Object.
in order to do that I need the COM Object Interface definitions, so I'm using #import with raw_interfaces_only


#import "libid:ee10004c-2d77-4289-bb93-d6def17881dd" raw_interfaces_only  

the problem is that I'm getting the following error on the autogenerate .tlh file:

fatal error C1075: '{': no matching token found  

The same code works fine in regular windows console application.

According to this link COM Consuming is supported by WinRT, so it is not clear how can I import my Interface to WinRT C++ Project.

How do I import my COM Interfaces definition to my WinRT C++ Project?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    I used midl.exe this cause to generate a .H file that contains all of the definition and compile fine in WinRT component.

    (I was not able to make it work, but it compile)

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