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Looking for some advice
We have two applications which in current form the front end application runs on PCs, and talks to a SQL database which runs on an on-prem server.

If we are to move the SQL database into Azure SQL PAAS, what is the most efficient way to run the application?
Are we likely able to still have the front end application running on local PC and connect to Azure SQL over site to site VPN? Will performance be ok?

Another way is to run a Remote Desktop Server in Azure and put the app on there and have users connect via RemoteApp, then both SQL and the app are running in Azure

Are their other ways of setting this up to leverage Azure SQL and get good performance?

Azure SQL Database
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    I think the best would be to go for Azure Web apps for the UI - simpler architecture below


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    VPN performance will depend on the type of connection you have between your OnPremise location and Azure
    You should see high throughput and minimal latency if you are using ExpressRoute.

    Please check this article for more details on the types of connections

    Provisioning a Remote Desktop on Azure (often referred to as JumpBox) is also a solution depending on the number of users and VMs required.
    You could use low cost Azure Spot Machines for this purpose

    Let us know if you have further questions

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