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Bing News Search API: Gap in datePublished after the 100th result

When I page through News search results sorted by date, there's a 2 week gap in date published after result 100 even when the "since" & "freshness" params are set to only include results from the last week. How do I set up my searches to eliminate this issue?

This is using Bing News Search API v7, hitting the /news/search endpoint.

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@ejhenderson-4154 The params "since" & "freshness" provided by bing helps to select trending topics discovered by Bing on or after the specified time but not necessarily the time the news was published so the published date can be later but due to the time at which this was discovered and freshness it might be available as a result even though it is published more than a week ago. The sortBy parameter along with since should sort these articles based on the date on which they are trending. We hope the details of these parameters in the reference might clarify this further.

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@ejhenderson-4154 Did you get a chance to review if your result is displayed based on the above functionality?

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