Merge badges, accomplishments and courses from 2 different profiles

pharikrishna 6 Reputation points


I have 2 profiles - profile1@réalisations .com and profile2@X .com.
I want all the badges, reputations etc from the first one to be moved to 2nd one. Once done, also want to close the profile1@réalisations .com profile and account.

Please let me know how I can do that?


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  1. Dave Patrick 339.9K Reputation points MVP

    What badges, accomplishments and courses are you asking about?

  2. Ronen Ariely 14,131 Reputation points MVP

    Good day pharikrishna,

    If I understand you correctly then you speak about your forum's profile. In this case why did you used the tag "azure-active-directory" ?

    If this the case, then this action is probably not supported since the badges and reputations are connected to the activities you did with this specific profile, and they must be in sync with the user activities. To achieve what you asked a manual work will probably need to be done which is outside the scope of the what you probably can get in a free community support forum

  3. Joffrey NURIT 196 Reputation points

    Hi @pharikrishna ,

    In your profile, you can link a profile to another account. For example, i link my personal and professional account together.

    But you cannot merge account. You can only add an empty account to another one. So you need to delete one of your accounts before adding this to the second.

    alt text

  4. Gijs Kerstens 186 Reputation points

    In case you're talking about your Microsoft Certification dashboard then please ask your question in the Microsoft Certification Support Forum where Microsoft employees can help you with merging the accounts.