Sharing a UWP app inside another UWP app

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We have two UWP apps used in teaching. One app is the teacher app which has the main content and the other is the students app which is used for doing tests and viewing some special content shared by the teacher's app. This is used in a physical classroom.
Now due to the Covid situation we need to do the teaching online and we need the student to see all the content of the Teacher's app inside the Student app while he is teaching remotely.
In the teacher's app we have different subjects and related content coming up one by one as the teacher is teaching for mouse click. It's text plus images/video etc.
Can you please share any thoughts on what kind of technology we can use to mirror that teacher's app inside the student's app while the teaching is happening.
Client wants to do it without using Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.. Their requirement is to displaying the content directly though the UWP apps. They might use a meeting software to share the voice and a video of the teacher. But not the content.
Any suggestions on how to approach this type of thing is really appreciated.


Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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