Any setting in Azure to change display name order of Teams Assignments

Rikky Citra 101 Reputation points

Hai, I posted a question here:
and I was suggested to ask here.

So is there any setting in Azure that can change the dsplay name order of the Teams Assignment?

Will this guide be able to do that?
Please provide me with some screenshoots so I can raise the solution to the Global Admin in my organisation.

Thank you

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  1. Rikky Citra 101 Reputation points

    Thank you @Sharon Zhao-MSFT and @JamesTran-MSFT for your help and guidance. Here is the answer that I got. Hopefully there will be a feature to change the display name format for the Assignments soon.

    "Teams assignment will always display names in the format lastname, firstname. Only way for you to display the name is different order is to change the first name to last and last name to first in the Azure Active directory. Now, we don't suggest this since all the MS app will get the user profile info from AAD, changing this will affect other apps.

    We suggest voting for the feature request post here Option to display contacts by "Firstname Lastname" instead of "Lastname, Firstname" – Welcome to UserVoice!"

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  1. Sharon Zhao-MSFT 25,061 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Rikky Citra ,

    Your environment is a Skype for Business on-premises hybrid with Office 365, right?

    If not, you cannot refer to Mark Vale’s blog because his blog is for on-premises Active Directory synchronizing to cloud. It needs a on-premises environment.

    From Microsoft Teams side, the display name order of Teams assignments maybe follow the name order in Azure Active Directory. So, the best solution is to try to change the name order in Azure Active Directory.

    From manually side, IT admin could edit users’ display name one by one. It is a tough task if there are too many users in your organization. If you want to perform bulk operations, I will add azure-active-directory to look for more related supports. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  2. JamesTran-MSFT 36,481 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Sharon Zhao-MSFT
    Thank you for the collaboration on this!

    @Rikky Citra
    Thank you for your time and patience throughout this issue.

    For the Azure AD side, you can change a user's name and display name within Azure by going to their profile and editing the Name and First/Last name boxes.

    Additionally, you can use the Get-AzureADUser and Set-AzureADUser commands.

    Set-AzureADUser -ObjectId "" -Displayname "Tran James"  


    If you have any other questions, please let me know.
    Thank you for your time and patience throughout this issue.


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  3. Rikky Citra 101 Reputation points

    Thanks for the guide. But it does not solve my question yet.

    I will try to explain further my question. Here is an example, we have a student called Ricky Andrew, the username as seen in M365 Admin Center and AAD Admin Center are as below:

    And this is how the students' names appears in the Teams Education Assignments:

    My question is, is there any setting whether in Teams client, Teams Admin Center, M365 Admin Center, or AAD Admin Center that can change the name in the order of "Firstname" "Lastname" withour comma (,) between them?

    I have tried to search in Teams client, Teams Admin Center, M365 Admin Center but didn't find any setting to change the name order for the Assignments, don't know if I miss something there.
    I have tried to change the user's username, firstname, lastname and displayname with Set-AzureADUser commands by using PowerShell but also cannot change the name appearance in Assignments.

    Ever thinking of to flip the name order in the user setting of Admin Center (firstname put in "Lastname" and lastname put in "Firstname"), but there will still be comma (,) between the fistname and lastname and I don't want it to have comma there and I don't know how it will appear in other app other than Teams Assignments.

    So, is there any setting in AAD Admin Center or may be in other setting that can change the names in Teams Assignments to be in order of "Firstname" "Lastname"?

    Thanks you

  4. Anonymous

    @Rikky Citra Did you ever find a solution for this? It is mind blowing to me that this isn't simply a setting or that there isn't a simple solution for this.