Different Jpegs with same name returning the first retrieved in IIS

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Hi All,

Im Migrating a Images server from a 2008 R2 to a 2019 server. It all seems to be working except for one odd thing that I cant figure out how to resolve. For reasons of the legacy system this feeds images to I cant rename files etc to be unique.

Say I have two virtual folders

On the 2008 server (IIS7) I browse to http://url/logos/focusedlogo/logo1.jpg and I get the correct file, if I do the same for http://url/logos/unfocusedlogos/logo1.jpg I get that file. On a browser I can switch between these and always the correct file is displayed.

However, On the 2019 server (IIS10) If I browser to http://url/logos/focusedlogo/logo1.jpg I get the correct image but if I browse to http://url/logos/unfocusedlogos/logo1.jpg I get the same images as the first time again. This is reversible, The one I browse first I keep getting that same image returned to me.

These no specific caching configurations setup on the 2008 server and all settings I can find are mirrored on the two servers.

Any idea how to resolve?

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