Visual Studio 2019 window resize is difficult

Chris Breemer 21 Reputation points

Hi all,
I never had this issue with previous Visual Studio versions, but as from VS2019 (Community version) I find it very hard to resize the main VS window. The border is evidently VERY small (seems like only one or two pixels), so getting the resize cursor to appear over it requires considerable dexterity and patience (neither of which I have in sufficient measure).
Would be very grateful for any ideas, as this is quite annoying.

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  1. South River Technologies 11 Reputation points

    Yep I have this issue also.

    And it is frustrating....for some reason now on Windows 10 VS 2019 has a 1 pixel wide resizing border around the entire window. My browsers, Edge, FF, Chrome, don't suffer from this.

    Visual Code 1.61.2 works great, nice wide resizing border...
    Visual Studio 16.11.5, nope, 1 pixel wide resizing border around the entire application.


    any solutions for how to fix this ?


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  2. W.R. Isaacs 6 Reputation points

    This problem is highly annoying, Visual Studio being otherwise a very convenient and fun product.
    I don't understand how it could be overlooked.
    You cannot easily resize. It is possible, but not easy.
    Resizing a Windows application should take about one second, but resizing Visual Studio requires ten seconds or more.

    Plenty of eye-squinting, mouse gripping frustration.

    I have a EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mouse which allows 9800 dpi resolution.
    Such resolution causes the mouse to move so slowly it's useless except to select one pixel.
    Problem solved, right? No.
    A $90 mouse can sssllloooowwwlllyy hover across the application border and grip the microscopic edge, but all this high-tech trouble still takes ten seconds of fiddling.


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  3. Chris Breemer 21 Reputation points

    It seems to me only few people are affected by this, or else there would surely have been more comments. I checked on another forum ( and got a couple of replies from people NOT having the problem.

    I found this issue had already been reported in april:

    but there are only 3 votes for it (including mine). Somehow I do not have high hopes it will be fixed.

    Anyway I'm kind of used to it now. If you grip the mouse firmly, pushing thumb and fingers on each side firmly on the desk, it can be moved with great precision.

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  4. PengGe-MSFT 3,326 Reputation points

    Hi @Chris Breemer

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    According to your problem description, I checked the VS2019 document and searched for relevant information on Google, but unfortunately I did not find the relevant information. I suggest you can start a new thread and report this issue to VS Product Team in our Developer Community with some reproduced or detailed information. If you do report this issue, please share the link here, other forum members, including me, who are interested or meet the same or similar issue can go to vote for this thread.

    If the answer is helpful, please click "Accept Answer" and upvote it.
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  5. Paul Wilkinson 1 Reputation point

    I am also suffering. Seems like I can resize vertically. The top right corner seems to work. The right edge and bottom right corner don't. So to resize I have to use the bottom edge and the top right corner. Left edge, top and bottom corners all seem to work.

    Maybe worth fixing :)