ECCN (Export Control Classification Number)

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I need the following ECCN (Export Control Classification Number).

  • EnterpriseLibrary.Common 5.0.505 & 6.0.1304
  • EnterpriseLibrary.Data 5.0.505 & 6.0.1304
  • Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc 5.2.7
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer 3.1.4
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson 3.1.4
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Session 2.2.0
  • Microsoft.CSharp 4.7.0
  • Microsoft.DotNet.InternalAbstractions 1.0.0
  • Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel 3.0.0
  • Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstrations 3.1.6
  • Microsoft.Extensions.Options 3.1.6
  • Microsoft.Extensions.Options.ConfigurationExtensions 3.0.0
  • Microsoft.PowerShell.SDK 7.0.6
  • Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild 3.9.7
  • Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.CodeGeneration.Design 3.1.3
  • System.Data.SqlClient 4.8.1
  • System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt 6.5.1
  • System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation 4.3.0
  • System.ValueTuple 4.5.0
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  1. Zhi Lv - MSFT 27,831 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Daniela Jimenez Leon ,

    What is the relationship between ECCN and the Nuget Package you provided?

    You could check the Nuget Export Control Policy, to the publicly available encryption source code, subject to the notification requirements described in the EAR, encryption source code classified under ECCN 5D002 is no longer subject to the EAR. Such source code is publicly available even if it is subject to an express agreement for the payment of a licensing fee or royalty for commercial production or sale of any product developed using the source code. So, for the above Nuget package you provided, they don't contain the ECCN (we can't find the ECCN from the Nuget website).

    Besides, for the Microsoft Exporting, it is Microsoft policy to comply with EAR, OFAC rules, and the international Wassenaar Arrangement and to proceed with the proper classification of its products and services (which results in the determination of an ECCN – Export Control Classification Number) so that Microsoft products can be easily and readily exported to non-embargoed destinations while maintaining a high level of compliance.

    Microsoft software products either are not subject to the EAR thus not on the Commerce Control List and have no ECCN, or they are EAR99, or are 5D992 Mass Market eligible for self-classification by Microsoft and may be exported to non-embargoed countries without a license as No License Required (NLR).

    If you want to check the Microsoft Software product's ECCN, see this link.

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